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Mother who went way over the hedge! April 30, 2013

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Mother’s intuition is always supposed to be a good thing when it comes to taking care of their children, but when you put a mother’s intuition on a crazy person the results aren’t going to be the best.

According to CNN, a U.K. mother was desperate to enough to add another child to her brood, she went as far has forcing her own teenage daughter to be inseminated. The woman tried to adopted another child but something happened where she couldn’t. Her two youngest daughters were adopted. So the mother decided to inseminate her 13-year-old daughter, but the girl had a miscarriage at the age of 14 and then the mother did it again and now the child is 16 and pregnant. The mom spent over $3,000 (US) to a sperm bank from Denmark, that daughter states that she didn’t want to have a baby but she did it anyway for the love of her mother. Her plan would have work but when the daughter was giving birth she would make comments to the midwives saying that they baby and don’t shouldn’t bond and apologizing to the daughter for all that she put her through. So the midwives reported the strange behavior which led to the mothers arrest, she was sentenced to five years of prison for child cruelty.

What mentally insane person would do this to their own child in desperation for another. I scratch my head thinking about how an adoption agency did an evaluation on this woman and deemed her as a fit person, it just makes no sense. It is honestly hard to think of who would be affected badly from this story with their public relations. I would have to say that the adoption agency and the sperm bank in Denmark look bad in this situation, both these business are supposed to have background checks and evaluations and somehow this mentally ill person passed their tests with flying colors. I think someone needs to do reformulate their entry tests.


Coming Out in the NBA April 29, 2013

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In the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated NBA player Jason Collins, who played center for the Washington Wizard came out as openly homosexual athlete.

According to CNN, Collins is the first openly gay athlete in the NBA. Collins has played for six different teams in the past 12 years and is respected throughout the NBA. David Stern, NBA Commissioner issued this statement on the matter, “We are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue,”. Collins is receiving support from all over especially from political figures such as the Clintons and his college roommate U.S. Representative of Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy. Yes there are gay athletes that have come out in the pass but that was usually after they have retired from the sport.

I give kudos to Collins to come out during his career and letting people know his true self. It is sad that there is this stereotype when it comes to professional athletes, that they are these mucho men who get all the women they won’t and not thought for a second that any of them could be gay. Hopefully with Collins’ announcement more players will come out with their homosexuality as well. With the NBA Commissioner showing support for Collins is a great publicity move for the NBA. It shows that a players sexual preference doesn’t affect their performance as an athlete so they shouldn’t be judge for it, especially when it comes to drafting new players. I’m excited to see what next in the professional sports world and how players take to have an openly gay teammate.



Building Collapses in Bangladesh

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Last Wednesday an eight story building collapsed in Bangladesh and on Friday 50 more people were rescued from what used to be the third floor of the building.

According to CNN, the Bangladesh Fire Department were hoping to get the survivors out within a few hours while in the meantime they were sending food and water down to the survivors. One of the rescued survivors was a woman and her infant who she gave birth to under all the derby. They have changed from rescued to recovery mode when they hit the 72-hour deadline. Officals say that everyone should be rescued by Saturday once they received equipment to move all the heavy rubble and retrieve the rest of the people and/or bodies. They are many people standing by the collapsed building holding pictures of their loved ones who were in the building during the collapse and didn’t believe that 72 hours was a long enough wait to see if there were anymore survivors. The incident has moved the community to donate blood to help those in the hospital who are in need. A military spokesman said that their prime focus now is to rescue all survivors.

This crisis screams ” Help US Red Cross”. This country has an eight story building that fell on thousands of people who were trapped and are still trapped, could use the services and resources of the Red Cross to help save these people. With the Red Cross help they can help give family food, water, clothes, and temporary shelter. The only thing about this tragedy, it might be too small for Red Cross to be concerned with, so it is up to the Bangladesh people to help each other out.


Missing Cheerleader Since 2010 Found…Well Parts. April 28, 2013

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Authorities announced on Friday that remains of missing 13-year-old cheerleader, Hailey Dunn, was found in a remote area west of Texas. According to People online, her remains were found near Lake J.B. Thomas in Scurry County in March after her mother reported two months before. Up till the case has been cold but the Texas Rangers have confirmed that the missing remains found this time were of Hailey Dunn’s and reported it to her mother. Her body was found 20 miles northwest of Colorado City. It was reported that her mother’s boyfriend was that last one to see Dunn, who said that Hailey told him that she was going to visit her dad and then stay the night at her friends. That was the last anyone ever saw of her and Dunn didn’t go to either place. Dunn’s mother and boyfriend have denied involvement with the missing girl.

To me this story sounds like a case of to catch a predator! Hailey was a 13-year-old girl who knew how to use a computer and was able to get to places by herself, wouldn’t surprise me if this story ending up reporting that she was chatting with a man online and went to meet up with him which slowly led to her death. In this day and age it easier and easier for people to kidnap others, especially children. Parents need to make sure that they are keeping track of their children and their where abouts. The Texas Rangers and police officers are in need to find this killer because until they are found children are not going to be safe and parents are going to be uneasy about their community.


Creating Art Out of Tragedy April 27, 2013

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Boston Magazine just released their May issue and the cover photo speaks to millions during this time of loss and morning. The cover photo is a picture of runner’s shoes of those who participated in the race, in the shape of heart.

According to CNN, Design director Brain Struble and deputy design director Liz Noftle came up with the idea on April 15, the night after the bombing attacks on the city. The magazine decided to scrap their orignal may cover and decided to come up with one that will utilize the city/world. They used social media to connect with the participants and ask them for their shoes. With each pair of shoes the magazine got a runner’s own personal story of their account of that day, which they created a feature piece out of it called “The Shoes We Wore”.

This is a great idea from the design team of the magazine they show that out of a tragedy comes mass amounts of love and unity. It is crazy that through social media the magazine was able to contact so many runners and get their shoes and stories, now people can read what people’s true reactions were doing this time of crisis and not just what the reporters say. This proof of the American Spirit, people can try to hurts us and tears us down but we come together, pick ourselves up, and push forward; our spirit can not be crushed! Everyone will look back at this cover picture and remember the  love and respect for  the runners, their families, and all of the people Boston that was shown from their fellow country men. We stand as one!



Bieber and Bust April 25, 2013

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On Wednesday night Justin Bieber’s tour bus was raided in Sweden by Stockholm police and small amounts of drugs were found during the raid. According to the Associated Press, one of the officers working the arena said they smelt something suspicious coming from the tour bus, which is why they raided the bus. The chief officer hasn’t named what the substance is yet but Swedish papers are reporting it has marijuana. The officer has sent the substance to the lab, but they also found a stun gun on the bus. There were people on the bus during the raid but no one was charged or arrested. Bieber tweeted from Finland today about the matter:”some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music.”

Bieber is just drowning in bad publicity while on this tour, it seems that he is just heading for a downward spiral. The funny thing about all of these, I think Bieber is loving the bad boy image he seems to be giving off. A lot of teeny-bober celebrities have trouble shredding their clean wholesome cut image so they can me taken more seriously in their perspective field and this is Justin Bieber way of doing it. He may be having fun now but down the line this bad press is going to hurt his career fans are not going to like his new persona and possibly deviate away from his music, it is time for Bieber to reinvent himself but in a more positive light.bieber16f-2-web


Gone from Ricin to Ric”out” April 24, 2013

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Paul Kevin Curtis was America’s most wanted man for a short period of time because he was the one who allegedly sent the President of the United States a piece of mail with ricin in it but on Tuesday those charges were dropped and now officials have another suspect that is under investigation. To see how news is being reported I decided to read this story from CNN and BBC News to see what is more accurate with their information.

According to CNN, a new man is being put under investigation, James Everett Dutschke’s house was searched with agents dressed in hazardous material suits. Dutschke has not been classified as a suspect by authorities and has not been charged with anything has of yet. His lawyer has confirmed that Dutschke did sign consent form allowing the authorities to search his home. Investigators are trying to determine if someone was trying to pin it on Curtis and make Dutschke seem as he is the one behind the whole thing.

According to BBC, Paul Curtis was freed on Tuesday after authorities have discovered new information. They are now investigating the home of another man. On Monday authorities searched Curtis’s house and didn’t find any ricin or any other ingredients for poison. Also his computer didn’t show an sign’s of how to make to make the ricin.

The first thing I noticed that was different that BBC didn’t mention Dutschke name as the new man who was under authority investigation. They also reported that Curtis house was searched on monday and nothing was found, as well on his computer. It seems that BBC writes what its relevent and waits to report things that are concrete and CNN just reports everything that they have gathered that pertains to the story. I think CNN should have followed BCC and not mention Dutschke’s name unless he was officially called a suspect because people are just going to jump to conclusions and point the blame on Dutschke because he is now under investigation. Americans are always quick to report and judge.