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Toliet Baby May 29, 2013

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In east China a new life entered into the world but not the way everyone expects. On Saturday tenants of an apartment building heard a cry that sounded like a baby and came to find a newborn’s feet sticking out of an opening of a toilet pipe!

According to CNN, the tenants try to free the baby but couldn’t, so they cut the pipe and carried it with the baby inside to a hospital in the city of Jinhua. Doctors worked on cutting pieces of the pipe bit by bit, eventually revealing the child’s shoulders and head. Also the placenta was still attached to the baby. ūüė¶ The 22-year-old mother, who is identity is being kept out of the paper. She claims that she went to the bathroom when the baby just slipped out of her(she was near her due date), she tired to get the baby out and flushed the toilet to wipe away the blood and that is when the baby fell through. As of right now police are believing the mother’s story.

I honestly can’t believe that a baby could fit down a toilet hole, unless they have bigger ones in China, there is no this could happen. The police say they believe the woman, but CNN never reported the mother reporting to the police about her baby, and she is also a young mother so it kind of looks like she was trying to do something else. This baby is going to be famous for a while and I’m sure magazine will do follow reporting’s on him when he grows up.


The Amanda Show 2.0 May 25, 2013

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Actress Amanda Bynes used to be a great comedic star of her generation and seemed to be one of the few 90’s child stars that were able to keep sane, unlike Lindsay Lohan, and Aaron Carter but now she has joined them. Over the past few months Bynes has been seen all over New York city rock platinum blonde wigs, cheek piercings, long nails, wearing crazy outfits, and twitting the most ridiculous things. The latest scandal to come out of the new “Amanda Show” is her arrest for reckless endangerment on Thursday night.

According to People, Bynes was charged with smoking marijuana in the lobby of her building and she supposedly dropped a bong out of her window on the 36th floor. Amanda wrote on her twitter on Friday that she does not do drugs and has never owned a bong in her life and then proceeds to go on and talk about how she needs another nose job. She was let out of court without a bail but the judge warned her that if she got into anymore trouble or fail to appear to her next court date which is set for July 9, he will set a “significant bill”.

From a PR stance I’m thinking that Bynes is trying to revamp her career like other have done in the past such as Robert Downey Jr., and Lindsay Lohan but people just think she is bat shit crazy, which is true but I suspect there is a method to her madness. I do believe that Amanda Bynes need help but I also can see it as a way for her to change her career and take on more serious roles later down the road. With all actors I believe that everything they do is somehow going to affect their career.


Cyberbullying Continues…. May 24, 2013

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This week a girl hangs herself in her home of Queens, New York, where she left a note mentioning online bullying. The girl’s name is Gabrielle Mona, who was 12-years-old was found by her family on Wednesday. Along with the family interviews police took two of the homes computers to investigate into Mona’s online bullying.

According to CNN, police found that in her school she received good markings for her school work but apparently her social skills markings weren’t that high. Dennis M. Walcott, chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, states that they take cyber bullying very seriously and they don’t tolerate it. Police are looking more in to Mona’s cyber bullying.

It is sad that children are still being affected by cyber bullying it seems that educators, parents, and the government still can’t get a grasp on controlling these kinds of situations. Incidents like this are giving schools a bad PR and are showing parents that schools are not a safe place to send their children and that technology shouldn’t be used. Schools need to monitor there students more closely and really have a sense of what is going on with the children before this truly becomes an epidemic.


Would You Like a Glass of Urine With That? May 22, 2013

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Last night on MTV’s new show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, a two-year documentary about pop artist Ke$ha’s life, the artist shocked the world when she drank her own pee! The Parent Television Council wasn’t too thrilled about this. PTC president Tim Winter posted a letter on a watchdog website insisting that members should lobby elected¬†officials to pass¬†a bill called¬†the Cable Choice. This bill would allow television¬†consumers the power to select the kinds of programing they want to watch and not the ones they are not interested, such¬†as Ke$ha’s show.¬†Ke$ha drank her¬†urine because she wanted to get into shape for her next music video and¬†she heard that drinking¬†urine would help with her weight loss.

I think that Winter is reacting a little extreme with his reaction to Ke$ha drinking her own urine. The guy on the show “Man Vs. Wild” does it all the time but Winter doesn’t comment on that. He needs to relax the show is for entertainment and I think that world population has more sense that to go copy Ke$ha and drink their own urine. If Winter and people who have the same views on MTV programing then don’t watch the channel, it is simple as that. Any press is good press in the entertainment industry, so with this complaint they are only making¬†Ke$ha look more like a bad ass to her fans and more¬†popular.




Cruel Intentions May 21, 2013

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In 2003, a  beautiful 17-year-old, Sonali Mukherjee from India was top of her class and had aspirations to go to university and receive her PhD in Sociology but instant that was all taken away from her.

Mukherjee strived to do her best while in school because her parents struggled to get by to even have the basic things in life and she wanted to make something of herself so she can help provide for her family. She was President of the Student Union and captain of the National Cadet Corps, her future was promising until three male students from her school started to harass her. At first Mukherjee paid no attention to these boys which made them mad and sending her more threats. Then one hot summer day, Mukherjee was fast asleep on her roof the boys came by and poured acid on her face.  The boys were freed from jail only after two years.

7captureAll the goals and dreams Mukherjee had for herself vanished and her world became dark.¬† She is now trying to bring herself some justice by going on the popular gaming show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire India”. During the show she told the audience her story and went on to winning the $40,000 jackpot and was able to move to the capital, New Delhi to receive the best medical treatment. “When she came to us she had 98% burns. She had no ears, no eyes, no eyelids, no nose, no lips, no scalp and no chest,” said her doctor, BLK Hospital’s Sanjeev Bagai. Now the Indian government take acid attacks more seriously, stating that if anyone is caught under this charge they will be sentenced 10 years to life.

It was a great idea for Mukherjee to go on the show, that way people were forced to look at her ad not ignore the issue at hand. This probably helped with the new sentences about throwing acid on people. Mukherjee may have had other plans for her life but know she can go an advocate for victims like herself.


You’re Fired May 20, 2013

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Mountain Dew, a brand of Pepsi Co. has just terminated their relationship with rapper, Lil Wayne. This decision came to past when Lil Wayne used an civil rights icon name in an offensive lyric. The song titled Karate Chop by the artist Future, featured Lil Wayne where is lyric says “Beat that p—y up, like Emmett Till,”.

Just a reminder to those who don’t remember, back in 1955 Emmett Till was a 14-year-old, visiting Mississippi was murder for supposedly whistling at a white woman. He was beating so badly that he could only be identified by the monogram ring that belonged to his father.

According to CNN, a Mountain Dew’s spokesman said “”We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward. His offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.” Lil Wayne’s PR team also issued a statement saying that end the relationship with Mountain Dew was mutual over creative differences. The Till family have not commented on the issue but Rev. Al Sharpton wasn’t going to let this controversy die just yet. Sharpton, the Till family, and Mountain Dew people will be coming together for a meeting soon.

I was telling my roommate this story and we both found it interesting that Lil Wayne being of African American descendent to create a such offensive lyric about such a crucial time in black history. I think it was right for Mountain Dew to let go Lil Wayne as a representative because he was not carry out the values of the company. This report reminds of when the artist Rick Ross mentioned raping women in one of his lyrics and because of this lost a shoe endorsement deal. Companies are starting to pay close attention to their spokespeople/representative and once they make a false move that the company doesn’t agree with, they are “fired”. Companies have a reputation to protect and they don’t want to associated with bad press. I’m sure that Pepsi Co. will give it more thought this time when picking their next representative.


Hero Among Us! May 19, 2013

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Imagine if you lived your whole life¬†battle different diseases and then facing the¬†likely certainty¬†of death. This is what Tennessee native Darian Craig has been through. When she was a baby she was diagnosed with¬†neuroblastoma, which is a cancerous tumor found in infants. She survived that even though she wasn’t giving a high chance to live but¬†when she turned 14 she was in and out of the hospital fighting Behcet’s syndrome beat then and when¬†she thought she couldn’t be diagnosed with anything less, at 19 she was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome which is a rare blood and bone failure disorder back in 2011.

Don’t worry all hope is not lost with help from the Delete Blood Center, she was able to find a perfect match in donor Evander Holyfield Jr, yes the son of the heavyweight boxing champion. With Holyfield Jr’s¬† donation of bone marrow, Craig can live a healthy life. Holyfield Jr was in the database because he was at a donor event and was trying to impress a girl, never thinking that he would actually turn out to be a match. They got to meet each other for the first time¬†on May 1 at the¬†annual gala event the Delete Blood Center throws ever year.

This is a very touching  story and shows that there are selfless people out there. This girl has truly over come some rough obstacles in her life and now she finally has the opportunity to live a normal life.  This story is great PR for the Delete Blood Center, showing that their services do come through for their patients and those who put themselves has a donor are truly going to follow through.