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Abercrombie & Fitch Pulls Taylor Swift-Mocking T-Shirt After Backlash June 20, 2013

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# More Boyfriends than Taylor Swift…. Abercrombie & Fitch offends the population even more!!


Professional Can Equal Fashionable! June 16, 2013

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One of the  many conversations about my future that I had with my mom after graduation was that I needed to start accumulating  more of a “professional wardrobe”.  When I hear those two words together the first words that come to mind are boring and bland. That is not me at all!!! So I started looking on various websites for potential clothing ideas and I feel my predications happened to be right, but then I thought professional doesn’t have to be boring. Just because 85% of us are not going to get a job in the fashion, music, or entertainment world doesn’t mean a person’s individual style has to be suppressed.   I have found some clothing essentials that works for my style and the office space as well, these will guide me through my new adult lifestyle!!


Every woman should invest in a nice pairs of black pumps for the office, they will go with everything; long pants, cropped pants, and pencil skirts. Depending on what  type of work you will be doing or how often you are on your feet I don’t recommend too high of heel. Look for 31/2 or 4 inches, they will prove to be most comfortable and still tall enough to look fashionable still.  That statement is funny coming out of my mouth especially when I believe a shoe shouldn’t be called a heel unless its 4 inches and above. But if you are person who can work higher inches while working on your feet all day, more power to you! Also get a fun pair will also spice up an outfit.

_8043311               _8050301


Being from Seattle, WA we only get a good amount of sun two-three months out of the year, so I will be wearing pants more than anything and they are worth an investment. Black pants can be  boring at times, the style that I found to be stylish and comfortable are skinny or tapered trousers pants. They are tailored and give your outfit a little flair! A nice pencil or tube skirt can add a twist to your wardrobe, just make sure that if you are going to have a color or patterned skirt that it is not too distracting.

_7867559    _7949406


For the top half  you can pair a nice shirt or blouse with a blazer. The nice thing about blazers, is that they come in all different colors, patterns, and fits. With every outfit you come up with you can add a pop of color with a nice pair of black slacks.

_7996112  18513430-01     52287773-03     19109295-04                       34598894-02


A nice watch is always a great investment, it is a power piece to one’s outfit and gives it a bold statement depending on the color and style of the watch. Necklaces can also be a great accessorize  an outfit by either completing the outfit or  by dressing the outfit up with a color.

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Music These Days…….. June 15, 2013

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What is happening to the world of music!!!!!!! I feel as if artist are conforming to what they think is going to sale instead of staying true to their style. For example Usher had all the best records from My Way to Confessions and then it kind of went down hill from there, trying to make his songs all club bangers. Even Taylor Swift who is suppose to be a country artist, is putting out pop hit after pop hit but winning country awards. How does that make sense?! I think what truly question my faith in the music industry was when I was watching the Billboard Awards, when they announced the nominees for best rap artist and  PYS was a nominee! Are you serious PYS is a rap artist now!!! I don’t know anything anymore, up is down and down is up, the world is seems to be a on crack just a little hahaha. Honestly I find my self singing along to songs these days and laughing at myself because what the lyrics are saying…. they don’t make any sense! The world’s population is probably…. actually is getting dumber with some of these songs that are coming out, myself included :/

I’m praying that the music world can only go up from here! I guess that’s why my iPod is full of old school music because back in those days music had some real substance to them. I could listen to Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, Tracy Chapman, Michael Buble, Toni Braxton, and all the other 90s artist all day long!! I will try not to give up on music and hope that one of these days artist will stop and be like “what am I doing”, then go back to creating good music.  I will just have to take advice from the infamous Tupac Shakur and Keep My Head Up.


Fresh Face For Summer June 14, 2013

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Summer is upon us which means the sun is going to be shining down on our beautiful faces. Naturally we all want to have that natural look to go with our tans!! During summer time less is more when it comes to makeup and for this summer I am looking to a few beauty products to help me look naturally refreshed…….

1. To keep my face looking radiant and fresh

300I use Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer twice, once in the morning and once before I go to bed. The bottle cost about $16, but you only need a small amount, so this product should last you a very long time and my face feels amazing after every use. When it is time to go out, you don’t want to be putting on too much foundation or powder. You want something light weight and natural looking. What I like to do is add a pump of Smashbox’s artificial light luminizing lotion to my moisturizer and it will create a  fresh beautiful glow!!


This product comes in three shades Luminous Pearl , Luminous Peach, and Luminous Bronze costing around $27

2. Brows

You can’t have a natural face without those fierce brows to set apart from the crowd. To give my brows a little extra ummph, I like to use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow powder duo! It is an alternative for those who don’t usually get their brows tinted…….

anastasia_beverly_hills_brow_duo03It comes in three shades for blondes, brunettes, and ebony. Cost $23

4. Luscious Lashes

Long volumizing lashes are a must for perfecting that “natural” look!! To help create my lash look I start off with a primer before putting mascara on. The primer I like to use is Dior Show: Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum!    Not only is this product a primer but it also works as conditioner for your lashes meaning that you can put it on at night and it will help you condition your lashes to grow longer and stronger!! Cost $28


For mascara there as only been one true match for me!!! Zoom Fast Black Lash from MAC, cost $16


These are just some suggested products to help you create a fresh natural summer look. Now go out and beautimize yourself 🙂


What’s Next?! June 13, 2013

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So after four years, my college career is over, I’m 22 years-old, who thought I was ready to receive my diploma and enter the real world, full of responsibility?!!! Now I’m moving back home with my mom. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to live bill free for a while but after talking with my dad about my future, how long will I be sucking at “teat” of my parents? I would like to say forever especially because I am an only child but I know that is not realistic. I have had a job since I was 16-years-old and now I feel like I am at a rut in my life. I have an internship at KUBE 93.3 the hip hop and R&B radio station, doing marketing and promotions but who knows if that will lead to a job. Who knows how long it will take to get a REAL job and not those in between jobs, i.e. Nordstrom, barista, and etc. while I try to find a professional one. Today I looked at potential new cars with my dad only to leave feeling that it will only take me a billion years to actually get one. :/

I’m not going to let these woes get to me! I plan to be more optimistic and keep my chin up and work hard to get the things I want because not all of us can be part of the Kardashian or Trump families and get whatever they want.  With a bit of luck and determination I will start to build a promising future for myself and accomplish everything I ever wanted!!!!!

So please cross your fingers for me…… Thanks ❤ 🙂


Toliet Baby May 29, 2013

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In east China a new life entered into the world but not the way everyone expects. On Saturday tenants of an apartment building heard a cry that sounded like a baby and came to find a newborn’s feet sticking out of an opening of a toilet pipe!

According to CNN, the tenants try to free the baby but couldn’t, so they cut the pipe and carried it with the baby inside to a hospital in the city of Jinhua. Doctors worked on cutting pieces of the pipe bit by bit, eventually revealing the child’s shoulders and head. Also the placenta was still attached to the baby. 😦 The 22-year-old mother, who is identity is being kept out of the paper. She claims that she went to the bathroom when the baby just slipped out of her(she was near her due date), she tired to get the baby out and flushed the toilet to wipe away the blood and that is when the baby fell through. As of right now police are believing the mother’s story.

I honestly can’t believe that a baby could fit down a toilet hole, unless they have bigger ones in China, there is no this could happen. The police say they believe the woman, but CNN never reported the mother reporting to the police about her baby, and she is also a young mother so it kind of looks like she was trying to do something else. This baby is going to be famous for a while and I’m sure magazine will do follow reporting’s on him when he grows up.


The Amanda Show 2.0 May 25, 2013

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Actress Amanda Bynes used to be a great comedic star of her generation and seemed to be one of the few 90’s child stars that were able to keep sane, unlike Lindsay Lohan, and Aaron Carter but now she has joined them. Over the past few months Bynes has been seen all over New York city rock platinum blonde wigs, cheek piercings, long nails, wearing crazy outfits, and twitting the most ridiculous things. The latest scandal to come out of the new “Amanda Show” is her arrest for reckless endangerment on Thursday night.

According to People, Bynes was charged with smoking marijuana in the lobby of her building and she supposedly dropped a bong out of her window on the 36th floor. Amanda wrote on her twitter on Friday that she does not do drugs and has never owned a bong in her life and then proceeds to go on and talk about how she needs another nose job. She was let out of court without a bail but the judge warned her that if she got into anymore trouble or fail to appear to her next court date which is set for July 9, he will set a “significant bill”.

From a PR stance I’m thinking that Bynes is trying to revamp her career like other have done in the past such as Robert Downey Jr., and Lindsay Lohan but people just think she is bat shit crazy, which is true but I suspect there is a method to her madness. I do believe that Amanda Bynes need help but I also can see it as a way for her to change her career and take on more serious roles later down the road. With all actors I believe that everything they do is somehow going to affect their career.