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Creating Art Out of Tragedy April 27, 2013

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Boston Magazine just released their May issue and the cover photo speaks to millions during this time of loss and morning. The cover photo is a picture of runner’s shoes of those who participated in the race, in the shape of heart.

According to CNN, Design director Brain Struble and deputy design director Liz Noftle came up with the idea on April 15, the night after the bombing attacks on the city. The magazine decided to scrap their orignal may cover and decided to come up with one that will utilize the city/world. They used social media to connect with the participants and ask them for their shoes. With each pair of shoes the magazine got a runner’s own personal story of their account of that day, which they created a feature piece out of it called “The Shoes We Wore”.

This is a great idea from the design team of the magazine they show that out of a tragedy comes mass amounts of love and unity. It is crazy that through social media the magazine was able to contact so many runners and get their shoes and stories, now people can read what people’s true reactions were doing this time of crisis and not just what the reporters say. This proof of the American Spirit, people can try to hurts us and tears us down but we come together, pick ourselves up, and push forward; our spirit can not be crushed! Everyone will look back at this cover picture and remember the  love and respect for  the runners, their families, and all of the people Boston that was shown from their fellow country men. We stand as one!



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