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After 35 Years Convicted Rapist is Finally Captured March 31, 2013

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In 1978,in Northfolk County, Massachusetts, Gary Irving an 18-year-old was convicted of three counts of rape and kiddnapping. The judge at the time of the arraignment, sentenced Irving to jail but allowed him to go his parents house for the weekend to get his affairs in order and was never seen again. After 35 years on the run, Gary Irving was aressted on Wednesday night, who was found living in Gorham, Maine under the name Gregg Irving. Police found numerous kinds of guns in his household which he do not posse legally. Irving face has been on TV shows such as “America Most Wanted”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, and “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol” ever since he ran away in 1978.

Reading this story makes me fearful that there might be more convicts out on the run and living in society under everyone’s noses. We are suppose to trust that those working in the justice system are keeping the bad people off the streets, but when hearing a story like this makes me wonder how many mistakes like this one has happened before. I feel like a good PR campaign would to design some kind of task force where police officals are focused on finding convicted killers from unsolved cases or runaways, so that people know that the police just don’t give up after a few months.


Operation Rhino

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Five South African soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash Saturday night in Kruger National Park, while on a combat mission to stop the poaching of rhinos. This mission was called Operation Rhino, poaching of rhino horns has become a huge problem in South Africa. There are about 25,000 rhinos in the world and 21,000 of them reside in South Africa. An investigation is under way to determine the cause of the crash. There is a believe that rhino horns can cure cancer and some people will pay top dollar for them, especially people from southeast Asia. To put a stop to rhino poaching the South African government has cracked down on illgeal trade and has teamed up with coutries that recieve illgeal rhino horns. Just last week South Africa and China signed an agreement to work together to stop poaching.

From a PR view the South African government has already sprung into action to combat this crtical problem. President Jacob Zuma has his extend his codolences to the families of the soldiers. Pulling resources from the help of other countries will help ensure the poaching of rhions will become lower in numbers. The only problem witht this is that if people are willing to pay for it then poaching is still going to be a around.


Frozen Food Recall March 30, 2013

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On Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that over 20 cases of E. coli 0121 have broken out within 15 states, with one of the cases being linked to Farm Rich frozen food products. One third of the E. coli 0121 cases have been hospitalized, no deaths have occurred. The outbreaks have been reported in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. A majority of the cases are under the age of 22. The New York State Department of Health found a strain of Shiga toxin producing the E. coli in an open bag of frozen chicken quesadilla in a sick person’s home. All the ill people they interviewed stated that they all eat frozen foods, and some were eating Farm Rich frozen food products. The FDA is now currently under investigation to determine the true source of this outbreak.

This outbreak is not looking good for the frozen food industry, since most of their customers are college students because of the easy cooking. With the cases being under 22, students and parents will slowly stop purchasing the frozen meals to avoid getting sick. The only way that the frozen food industry will pick up will be when the FDA finds the true source of outbreak and they can fix the problem while reinsuring the quality of their products. At the same time they might not lose that much business because some people will still buy solely just out convenience within their daily lives.


Would You Like HIV with Your Teeth Cleaning?

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Health officials from the state department in Tulsa, Oklahoma are urging about 7,000 people who have visited the dentist office of Dr. Scott Harrington over the past six years to get tested for HIV and hepatitis. During the investigation of the practice the health department found the conditions at the office unsanitary and had sterilization infractions. During the investigation Dr. Scott Harrington surrendered his dental license. The practice had no logs for their drugs; one of the drugs that they found had expired in 1993. They hadn’t updated their morphine supply in years and most of their dental assistants don’t have their permits. Local clinics open its doors and will be open for 10 hours a day on a walk-in basis. The test results have been 50/50, meaning people have been tested positive for HIV and negatively.

This investigation is going to have everyone questioning their own dental office. I personally have never liked going to the dentist and now reading this article, how do I know that the dental office I go to is up code. The health departments are going to have to start making regular visits to all dentist offices to ensure the public that this situation will not happen again. Dentists all over the country are going to have to prove to their patients that they run a clean establishment through various PR campaigns. It’s going to be a while for people to trust their dentist and maybe people might even stop going in general.


Shooting in the Neighborhood! March 28, 2013

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Around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Fife Heights resident, Michael McBee decided to settle an argument with his neighbor by pulling out his 9mm and heading over to the neighbor’s house to finish the disbute. McBee fired shots at his neighbor, his neighbor’s wife and their friend while they were hanging out in the garage. Luckily no one was hit because McBee was running away while shooting. He then proceeded to lock himself in his house for five hours before giving himself up to the authorities after they promised to look after his dogs. McBee is being charged with attempted first degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault and one count of first-degree burglary, and being in possession of a firearm. It has been reported that McBee has been part of many neighborhood disputes before this incident. McBee as of now as plead not guilty to the charges against him.

This shooting incident cause a great disturbance in the greater Tacoma area, especially because this area is heavily family based and doesn’t tend to have any problems in it. This incident would affect the city of Milton’s growth population, meaning that people will stop choosing to live in this area. This can hurt the cities financial stability. The city’s town representatives need to ensure the public that they are doing everything to keep the place safe and predicted.


Bill Gates Looking for the Next Great Condom! March 27, 2013

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are offering $100,000 start grant to anyone who is able to invent a new generation of condoms that gives great pleasure and amazing protection. This new venture of Bill Gates is serious and purposeful way to combat the fight against AIDS, and condoms are the best way to prevent AIDS. The foundation’s goal is to get people who are not in a committed relationship to stop and think about using a condom before it is too late. This grant could lead to further funding up to $1 million. There are 34 million people in the world living with HIV and with a condom this number go down sufficiently, this grant might seem a joke to people but Bill and Melinda Gates realize that this is a real issue that still needs to be address every day for the well-being of all people. This is not the easiest project but when completed will do wonders!

From a PR perspective, I believe that this product will have a huge following. When people hear the name Bill Gates they associate him with sucess, innovation, creativty, and much more; so having Bill Gates’ money behind a new, great, and powerful condom will only intrigue customers to buy his brand of condoms. With Bill Gates behind a brand you know it is one people can trust to be amazing and the more people using condoms the better life can be!


Students Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get inTrouble! March 7, 2013

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The Seattle school district is currently under investigation from the U.S. Department of Education for disciplining African-American students more harshly and more regularly than other races in the district. Seattle Parents and school administrators have been aware of this problem and are glad that it is being taken seriously. More than three times of African-American students are punished and suspended/expelled from schools, staring from elementary all the way to high school compared to white students, and Native American students are disciplined more than Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This investigation began back in May 2012, but didn’t become public knowledge until Tuesday by KUOW radio. Seattle District Superintendent, Jose Banda realizes that the district has a real problem and is more than happy to cooperate with this investigation. District board member Marty McLaren is hoping with this investigation the “school to prison” line will be shut down and have a more constructive discipline be implementing that will help the students in the long run, more than hurting them.
Reading that Seattle school district is going under investigation for discipline discrimination doesn’t look towards perspective parents. No parent is going to want to send their children to a school where the school will punish their children more harshly than other just because of their skin color. Of course with this kind of issue the Seattle NAACP chapter will step in and speak their mind about the matter which will be even more bad publicity for the school district. The school district needs to emphasize the positive things that are going to occur from this investigation to let the public know that they are going to squash this problem and create a better outcome for all students.