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Shootings Close to Home April 23, 2013

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At the Pinewood Village Apartments in Federal Way gunfire went off leaving four people dead including the gunman on Sunday night.

According to Seattle Times, police said the shooting occurred after the gunman shot his girlfriend and killed three other men and once the police were called, took down the gunman. When the officers first arrived to the scene they reported that the gunman was on the stairwell of one the apartment buildings, when the officers ordered him to drop his weapon but he refused and so they opened fire. The suspect had no criminal history but has had domestic violence called on him. The police has only been able to identify one of the victims and believes that there wasn’t another gunman so people don’t need to worry about a threat on the loose.

This is the second shooting of this year in the Fife/Federal Way area.People are going to be more concern that gun violence might start getting popular in this area. The Mayor and the police chief need to have a press conference ensuring the public that they are putting extra patrol in every neighborhood and ask everyone if they see any suspicious activity call the police hotline.


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