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Coming Out in the NBA April 29, 2013

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In the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated NBA player Jason Collins, who played center for the Washington Wizard came out as openly homosexual athlete.

According to CNN, Collins is the first openly gay athlete in the NBA. Collins has played for six different teams in the past 12 years and is respected throughout the NBA. David Stern, NBA Commissioner issued this statement on the matter, “We are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue,”. Collins is receiving support from all over especially from political figures such as the Clintons and his college roommate U.S. Representative of Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy. Yes there are gay athletes that have come out in the pass but that was usually after they have retired from the sport.

I give kudos to Collins to come out during his career and letting people know his true self. It is sad that there is this stereotype when it comes to professional athletes, that they are these mucho men who get all the women they won’t and not thought for a second that any of them could be gay. Hopefully with Collins’ announcement more players will come out with their homosexuality as well. With the NBA Commissioner showing support for Collins is a great publicity move for the NBA. It shows that a players sexual preference doesn’t affect their performance as an athlete so they shouldn’t be judge for it, especially when it comes to drafting new players. I’m excited to see what next in the professional sports world and how players take to have an openly gay teammate.



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