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Mother who went way over the hedge! April 30, 2013

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Mother’s intuition is always supposed to be a good thing when it comes to taking care of their children, but when you put a mother’s intuition on a crazy person the results aren’t going to be the best.

According to CNN, a U.K. mother was desperate to enough to add another child to her brood, she went as far has forcing her own teenage daughter to be inseminated. The woman tried to adopted another child but something happened where she couldn’t. Her two youngest daughters were adopted. So the mother decided to inseminate her 13-year-old daughter, but the girl had a miscarriage at the age of 14 and then the mother did it again and now the child is 16 and pregnant. The mom spent over $3,000 (US) to a sperm bank from Denmark, that daughter states that she didn’t want to have a baby but she did it anyway for the love of her mother. Her plan would have work but when the daughter was giving birth she would make comments to the midwives saying that they baby and don’t shouldn’t bond and apologizing to the daughter for all that she put her through. So the midwives reported the strange behavior which led to the mothers arrest, she was sentenced to five years of prison for child cruelty.

What mentally insane person would do this to their own child in desperation for another. I scratch my head thinking about how an adoption agency did an evaluation on this woman and deemed her as a fit person, it just makes no sense. It is honestly hard to think of who would be affected badly from this story with their public relations. I would have to say that the adoption agency and the sperm bank in Denmark look bad in this situation, both these business are supposed to have background checks and evaluations and somehow this mentally ill person passed their tests with flying colors. I think someone needs to do reformulate their entry tests.


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