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Vine App creating a new way for marketing on Tiwtter! January 28, 2013

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There is a new app on Twitter where companies can publish six second interchanging video up onto their twitter’s. The app that only took five minutes to create is called the Vine app. Even though this app has created tremendous buzz not only from companies such as Red Vine and Al-Monitor who already have uploaded videos themselves, but there is also great concern from co-creator Mike Kelly if it is even going to be successful. One of his main concerns is that the younger generation is not into twitter like they used to be. Now that parents are on Facebook and Twitter, generation Y is looking for different places for their social media, such as Tumblr, but having the Vine app on your Twitter gives it a Tumblr feel to it. As of right now this is one hot ticket number in the world of branding and only time will tell if it is truly a success, is the tone that I’m getting from the author.

Reading this article I just started imaging all the companies I would love to see participating in this new app. This is a quicker way for the producer to reach the consumer which I’m sure will turn a quick profit. It is crazy to know that this app only took five minutes to create, that makes me fell that I could great a popular app one day. I’m very excited to see my favorite products display new items though these video tweets because it will be fast and easy to find. Even though the creator, Mike Kelly is concerned about it being that popular I think that is going to big in social media world. I would even you this app to send personal messages to my friends! I’m excited to see what things come from this new app.



Tour de Scandal!! January 21, 2013

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So by now many of you have probably already heard about Lance Armstrong’s use of performance drugs during his bicycling career through a confession/apology on the Oprah Show, but it seems he didn’t confess under the right contex. In an article that I found on PR Week, the writer John Owens reports that Armstrong is sorry, but only talked to Oprah and the press as a “necessary” PR move.  Owen reports that Armstrong denies himself as the “biggest doping scandal” and states that it was more to even the playing field against the other cyclist. Because of this scandal, cyclist and their sponsors will all be in talks to see if there are others just like Armstrong.

Prior to reading this article I knew that Armstrong only came out with an confession because he had already been discovered and decided to try and get it out first, so it can seem like a real apology. I honestly think that Armstrong is only sorry that he got caught because he was cycling for more than seven years and didn’t confess anything within that time. This scandal also makes me wonder how many other professional cyclist out there are taking performance enhancing drugs. If there are, I’m sure they will sought out after now.

Is there a sport out there that people don’t use performance enhancing drugs? Next thing you know the world champion bowler will confess to using drugs.

Where to find the article:


Advice for blog writing…. January 16, 2013

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This is my first blog and I’m sure like most things there are do’s and don’ts of bloging. I found out there are some definte don’ts when writing on your blog. Some of the biggest things not to do on one’s blog is to create useless posts, not post enough, having distracting or annoying ads on your blog, too long of posts, and boring headlines. These are just some of the reasons why people will not follow your blog, which is not goood espeically if you are the blog writer for a company or ogranization.

Looking for success? Some tips on being a successful blogger is to make sure that you are reaching out to other bloggers.Building relationships with others will expand your blog either professional or personal. Engage with others by writing effective comments and not quick worded answers. This shows people that you are truly reading what they have to say and then they will do the same back.

I hope everyone takes this advice to heart and good luck with your new or existing blog!!


A little slice of me :) January 7, 2013

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Hi my name is Anya Montrose and I love all things media and entertainment!! I’m a senior at Central Washington University where I will be earning a degree in Public Relations. Once done with college I hope to land an internship/job in entertainment PR. It would be a dream to promote music, fashion, or popular products. I am definitely a people person and love to communicate with anyone I come in contact with. Traveling, reading, working out, hanging out with friends, and listening to music are just some of the hobbies I enjoy in my spare time.