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Tylenol Then and Now April 21, 2013

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Back in 1982 big corporation Tylenol went through a potential scare that could have put them out of business. Five people of the Chicago suburban area died and the doctors couldn’t determine what was the cause. All they knew was that they all had Tylenol in their system. Then a sixth person came into the hospital with cases of cyanide poisoning. Turns out that someone opened up a bunch of Tylenol capsules in a drug store and laced them with cyanide. Even though the deaths were not Tylenol’s fault they still decided to recall their product and redesign their packaging by putting a seal under the cap so people know that their product is secure or to let them know if it has been tampered with. This recall cost Tylenol millions of dollars and put their product into question but the American public respected what Tylenol did and their business doubled.

Today Tylenol is facing reports that their product is linked to liver cancer. Reported by the Digital Journal on April 13, in San Diego, a number of attorneys are investigating claims by consumers about their legal options when it comes to suing the company for their liver problems due to the use of Tylenol products. The question is now, how is Tylenol going to responded to the accusations? A recall worked in the pass, will it work now? I think that Tylenol should have their scientist look into the matter to prove that there is/isn’t a correlation between the two.

I feel that a recall today would hurt the company and people wouldn’t trust their product anymore, especially when they are so many other drugs that you do the exact same thing. If this story gets any bigger, more and more people will start claiming that Tylenol is causing them illness just to get some sort of settlement from them. Tylenol is a company that has been around for many generations, I believe that they can overcome this bad press without taking a huge loss.


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