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Gone from Ricin to Ric”out” April 24, 2013

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Paul Kevin Curtis was America’s most wanted man for a short period of time because he was the one who allegedly sent the President of the United States a piece of mail with ricin in it but on Tuesday those charges were dropped and now officials have another suspect that is under investigation. To see how news is being reported I decided to read this story from CNN and BBC News to see what is more accurate with their information.

According to CNN, a new man is being put under investigation, James Everett Dutschke’s house was searched with agents dressed in hazardous material suits. Dutschke has not been classified as a suspect by authorities and has not been charged with anything has of yet. His lawyer has confirmed that Dutschke did sign consent form allowing the authorities to search his home. Investigators are trying to determine if someone was trying to pin it on Curtis and make Dutschke seem as he is the one behind the whole thing.

According to BBC, Paul Curtis was freed on Tuesday after authorities have discovered new information. They are now investigating the home of another man. On Monday authorities searched Curtis’s house and didn’t find any ricin or any other ingredients for poison. Also his computer didn’t show an sign’s of how to make to make the ricin.

The first thing I noticed that was different that BBC didn’t mention Dutschke name as the new man who was under authority investigation. They also reported that Curtis house was searched on monday and nothing was found, as well on his computer. It seems that BBC writes what its relevent and waits to report things that are concrete and CNN just reports everything that they have gathered that pertains to the story. I think CNN should have followed BCC and not mention Dutschke’s name unless he was officially called a suspect because people are just going to jump to conclusions and point the blame on Dutschke because he is now under investigation. Americans are always quick to report and judge.


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