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Building Collapses in Bangladesh April 29, 2013

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Last Wednesday an eight story building collapsed in Bangladesh and on Friday 50 more people were rescued from what used to be the third floor of the building.

According to CNN, the Bangladesh Fire Department were hoping to get the survivors out within a few hours while in the meantime they were sending food and water down to the survivors. One of the rescued survivors was a woman and her infant who she gave birth to under all the derby. They have changed from rescued to recovery mode when they hit the 72-hour deadline. Officals say that everyone should be rescued by Saturday once they received equipment to move all the heavy rubble and retrieve the rest of the people and/or bodies. They are many people standing by the collapsed building holding pictures of their loved ones who were in the building during the collapse and didn’t believe that 72 hours was a long enough wait to see if there were anymore survivors. The incident has moved the community to donate blood to help those in the hospital who are in need. A military spokesman said that their prime focus now is to rescue all survivors.

This crisis screams ” Help US Red Cross”. This country has an eight story building that fell on thousands of people who were trapped and are still trapped, could use the services and resources of the Red Cross to help save these people. With the Red Cross help they can help give family food, water, clothes, and temporary shelter. The only thing about this tragedy, it might be too small for Red Cross to be concerned with, so it is up to the Bangladesh people to help each other out.


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