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Professional Can Equal Fashionable! June 16, 2013

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One of the  many conversations about my future that I had with my mom after graduation was that I needed to start accumulating  more of a “professional wardrobe”.  When I hear those two words together the first words that come to mind are boring and bland. That is not me at all!!! So I started looking on various websites for potential clothing ideas and I feel my predications happened to be right, but then I thought professional doesn’t have to be boring. Just because 85% of us are not going to get a job in the fashion, music, or entertainment world doesn’t mean a person’s individual style has to be suppressed.   I have found some clothing essentials that works for my style and the office space as well, these will guide me through my new adult lifestyle!!


Every woman should invest in a nice pairs of black pumps for the office, they will go with everything; long pants, cropped pants, and pencil skirts. Depending on what  type of work you will be doing or how often you are on your feet I don’t recommend too high of heel. Look for 31/2 or 4 inches, they will prove to be most comfortable and still tall enough to look fashionable still.  That statement is funny coming out of my mouth especially when I believe a shoe shouldn’t be called a heel unless its 4 inches and above. But if you are person who can work higher inches while working on your feet all day, more power to you! Also get a fun pair will also spice up an outfit.

_8043311               _8050301


Being from Seattle, WA we only get a good amount of sun two-three months out of the year, so I will be wearing pants more than anything and they are worth an investment. Black pants can be  boring at times, the style that I found to be stylish and comfortable are skinny or tapered trousers pants. They are tailored and give your outfit a little flair! A nice pencil or tube skirt can add a twist to your wardrobe, just make sure that if you are going to have a color or patterned skirt that it is not too distracting.

_7867559    _7949406


For the top half  you can pair a nice shirt or blouse with a blazer. The nice thing about blazers, is that they come in all different colors, patterns, and fits. With every outfit you come up with you can add a pop of color with a nice pair of black slacks.

_7996112  18513430-01     52287773-03     19109295-04                       34598894-02


A nice watch is always a great investment, it is a power piece to one’s outfit and gives it a bold statement depending on the color and style of the watch. Necklaces can also be a great accessorize  an outfit by either completing the outfit or  by dressing the outfit up with a color.

_6119992                _765285827704944-04



One Response to “Professional Can Equal Fashionable!”

  1. stylefinder23 Says:

    I have just recently entered the workforce myself and have been searching endlessly for fashionable clothing that I can wear to work. I coincidentally just had the “building my wardrobe” conversation with my mom as well! I am in no position to be spending tons of money on clothes so I have been doing my research on cute affordable clothing options. I have just recently stumbled upon a small boutique ( which seems to have a lot of options perfect for work. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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