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Music These Days…….. June 15, 2013

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What is happening to the world of music!!!!!!! I feel as if artist are conforming to what they think is going to sale instead of staying true to their style. For example Usher had all the best records from My Way to Confessions and then it kind of went down hill from there, trying to make his songs all club bangers. Even Taylor Swift who is suppose to be a country artist, is putting out pop hit after pop hit but winning country awards. How does that make sense?! I think what truly question my faith in the music industry was when I was watching the Billboard Awards, when they announced the nominees for best rap artist and  PYS was a nominee! Are you serious PYS is a rap artist now!!! I don’t know anything anymore, up is down and down is up, the world is seems to be a on crack just a little hahaha. Honestly I find my self singing along to songs these days and laughing at myself because what the lyrics are saying…. they don’t make any sense! The world’s population is probably…. actually is getting dumber with some of these songs that are coming out, myself included :/

I’m praying that the music world can only go up from here! I guess that’s why my iPod is full of old school music because back in those days music had some real substance to them. I could listen to Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, Tracy Chapman, Michael Buble, Toni Braxton, and all the other 90s artist all day long!! I will try not to give up on music and hope that one of these days artist will stop and be like “what am I doing”, then go back to creating good music.  I will just have to take advice from the infamous Tupac Shakur and Keep My Head Up.


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