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Toliet Baby May 29, 2013

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In east China a new life entered into the world but not the way everyone expects. On Saturday tenants of an apartment building heard a cry that sounded like a baby and came to find a newborn’s feet sticking out of an opening of a toilet pipe!

According to CNN, the tenants try to free the baby but couldn’t, so they cut the pipe and carried it with the baby inside to a hospital in the city of Jinhua. Doctors worked on cutting pieces of the pipe bit by bit, eventually revealing the child’s shoulders and head. Also the placenta was still attached to the baby. 😦 The 22-year-old mother, who is identity is being kept out of the paper. She claims that she went to the bathroom when the baby just slipped out of her(she was near her due date), she tired to get the baby out and flushed the toilet to wipe away the blood and that is when the baby fell through. As of right now police are believing the mother’s story.

I honestly can’t believe that a baby could fit down a toilet hole, unless they have bigger ones in China, there is no this could happen. The police say they believe the woman, but CNN never reported the mother reporting to the police about her baby, and she is also a young mother so it kind of looks like she was trying to do something else. This baby is going to be famous for a while and I’m sure magazine will do follow reporting’s on him when he grows up.


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