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The Amanda Show 2.0 May 25, 2013

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Actress Amanda Bynes used to be a great comedic star of her generation and seemed to be one of the few 90’s child stars that were able to keep sane, unlike Lindsay Lohan, and Aaron Carter but now she has joined them. Over the past few months Bynes has been seen all over New York city rock platinum blonde wigs, cheek piercings, long nails, wearing crazy outfits, and twitting the most ridiculous things. The latest scandal to come out of the new “Amanda Show” is her arrest for reckless endangerment on Thursday night.

According to People, Bynes was charged with smoking marijuana in the lobby of her building and she supposedly dropped a bong out of her window on the 36th floor. Amanda wrote on her twitter on Friday that she does not do drugs and has never owned a bong in her life and then proceeds to go on and talk about how she needs another nose job. She was let out of court without a bail but the judge warned her that if she got into anymore trouble or fail to appear to her next court date which is set for July 9, he will set a “significant bill”.

From a PR stance I’m thinking that Bynes is trying to revamp her career like other have done in the past such as Robert Downey Jr., and Lindsay Lohan but people just think she is bat shit crazy, which is true but I suspect there is a method to her madness. I do believe that Amanda Bynes need help but I also can see it as a way for her to change her career and take on more serious roles later down the road. With all actors I believe that everything they do is somehow going to affect their career.


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