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Cyberbullying Continues…. May 24, 2013

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This week a girl hangs herself in her home of Queens, New York, where she left a note mentioning online bullying. The girl’s name is Gabrielle Mona, who was 12-years-old was found by her family on Wednesday. Along with the family interviews police took two of the homes computers to investigate into Mona’s online bullying.

According to CNN, police found that in her school she received good markings for her school work but apparently her social skills markings weren’t that high. Dennis M. Walcott, chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, states that they take cyber bullying very seriously and they don’t tolerate it. Police are looking more in to Mona’s cyber bullying.

It is sad that children are still being affected by cyber bullying it seems that educators, parents, and the government still can’t get a grasp on controlling these kinds of situations. Incidents like this are giving schools a bad PR and are showing parents that schools are not a safe place to send their children and that technology shouldn’t be used. Schools need to monitor there students more closely and really have a sense of what is going on with the children before this truly becomes an epidemic.


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