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Would You Like a Glass of Urine With That? May 22, 2013

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Last night on MTV’s new show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, a two-year documentary about pop artist Ke$ha’s life, the artist shocked the world when she drank her own pee! The Parent Television Council wasn’t too thrilled about this. PTC president Tim Winter posted a letter on a watchdog website insisting that members should lobby elected officials to pass a bill called the Cable Choice. This bill would allow television consumers the power to select the kinds of programing they want to watch and not the ones they are not interested, such as Ke$ha’s show. Ke$ha drank her urine because she wanted to get into shape for her next music video and she heard that drinking urine would help with her weight loss.

I think that Winter is reacting a little extreme with his reaction to Ke$ha drinking her own urine. The guy on the show “Man Vs. Wild” does it all the time but Winter doesn’t comment on that. He needs to relax the show is for entertainment and I think that world population has more sense that to go copy Ke$ha and drink their own urine. If Winter and people who have the same views on MTV programing then don’t watch the channel, it is simple as that. Any press is good press in the entertainment industry, so with this complaint they are only making Ke$ha look more like a bad ass to her fans and more popular.




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