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Cruel Intentions May 21, 2013

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In 2003, a  beautiful 17-year-old, Sonali Mukherjee from India was top of her class and had aspirations to go to university and receive her PhD in Sociology but instant that was all taken away from her.

Mukherjee strived to do her best while in school because her parents struggled to get by to even have the basic things in life and she wanted to make something of herself so she can help provide for her family. She was President of the Student Union and captain of the National Cadet Corps, her future was promising until three male students from her school started to harass her. At first Mukherjee paid no attention to these boys which made them mad and sending her more threats. Then one hot summer day, Mukherjee was fast asleep on her roof the boys came by and poured acid on her face.  The boys were freed from jail only after two years.

7captureAll the goals and dreams Mukherjee had for herself vanished and her world became dark.  She is now trying to bring herself some justice by going on the popular gaming show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire India”. During the show she told the audience her story and went on to winning the $40,000 jackpot and was able to move to the capital, New Delhi to receive the best medical treatment. “When she came to us she had 98% burns. She had no ears, no eyes, no eyelids, no nose, no lips, no scalp and no chest,” said her doctor, BLK Hospital’s Sanjeev Bagai. Now the Indian government take acid attacks more seriously, stating that if anyone is caught under this charge they will be sentenced 10 years to life.

It was a great idea for Mukherjee to go on the show, that way people were forced to look at her ad not ignore the issue at hand. This probably helped with the new sentences about throwing acid on people. Mukherjee may have had other plans for her life but know she can go an advocate for victims like herself.


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