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Have You Ever Wanted To Relive Prom Night? May 19, 2013

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In Birmingham, Alabama the class of 1963 came back to their high school to enjoy the prom they never had the chance to.  Back in 1963 racial tensions were at all time high and the city canceled senior proms for five of the city’s segregated high schools for black students.  Which caused many protest during this time when people from all over Alabama would come to Birmingham and protest against segregation from children ages six and up.

According to CNN, the city of Alabama put the prom on for the class of 1963 and decorated the high school like they were back in time during the 60’s. Playing music from artists such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin but not until they played today’s hit song “The Wobble” did everyone ended up on the dance floor. Those who were on the relived prom committee were excited to get the prom they never had and celebrate the what the civil rights movements laid out for African Americans.

This is a great moment in history for this class to be able to come back and get to have their prom. In the 1960s African Americans had to sacrifice a lot of things in their lives while fighting for their rights and for these students its almost like they have entered the winner’s circle of race and their prom was their reward. Putting this prom together is another way of celebrating civil rights and from a PR stance its good that the state of Alabama are trying to right a wrong from the past, publicly stating that what happened was wrong and there is no more room for segregation in the world today!




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