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SOURCE May 16, 2013

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I attended two sessions today and one of the sessions I went to was called Trans-Pacific Partnership, presented by Matthew Swenson. In Swenson presentation he explained that TPP is the biggest free trade agreement of the 21st century and its goal is to lead to a free trade zone all over the world. Many countries all over are already part of this trade agreement and the new goal is to make an expansive in depth trade agreement with as many regional places as possible. This new trade agreement will eventually replace NAFTA.


From a PR stance I think that the United States government should get on board and start informing the people on their plans of joining. TPP is the way of the future and the best thing to do it embrace it especially when its going to help open up U.S. agriculture trade with Canada and many other countries. So obviously the U.S should be promoting something that has great benefit for itself and the people who make up the country. Business can become more successful and this could even boost our economy, people will want to know more information about how that will work. The U.S. government should start to slowly mention the idea of TPP and what it can do for our country and then really push it before it comes time to sign the agreement, that way everyone can be jazzed about the future economy.


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