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Saudi Arabia’s Latest Campaign May 15, 2013

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Recently in the news there has been a disturbing picture that has made many of heads turn and voice their opinion towards the Saudi government.


The Kling Khalid Foundation, a nonprofit organization launched Saudi Arabia’s first campaign against domestic violence called No More Abuse. This program is trying to bring more rights to the women of Saudi Arabia. There is a high rate of unreported domestic violence. According to Saudi writer, Samar Fatany reports that one of six women are  raped or abused in Saudi Arabia. With this poster the No More Abuse campaign is trying to bring awareness of this issue and letting citizens know that it is going unnoticed anymore.

I was in shock when I first saw this poster on the internet because when you see the women in their burkas all you see are their beautiful eyes and to see a woman with a black eye was very upsetting. It really opened up my eyes, I know domestic violence happens all over but because Saudi woman are always covered up you don’t really ever see bruising or any other marks. With this campaign being spread nationally hopefully the Saudi government will be more inclined to step in and stop the violence, especially now with the whole world looking in.


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