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Lies after Death May 13, 2013

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imagesCA1KCW9EIn 2009 the world lost a great a musician, the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Many stories have been going on through the trail, the cause of his death, and who’s fault it was.

In latest news about Jackson’s health comes from a witness within his tour. Makeup artist, Karen Faye, claimed that everyone was lying when it came to Jackson’s health in his last month. Jackson had a dramatic weight loss and instead of being truly concerned about the singer, his manager says “Get him a bucket of chicken,” claims Faye. When doing a costume fitting Faye said that she could see Jackson’s heart beating through his chest. Faye witness Jackson struggling through his last days and says that no one did anything to really help him, they just wanted him to keep performing.

From a PR stance I think this woman is just trying to sell a story and get money. People can be such bottom feeders and try to gain something from other people even if they are dead. With all these stories you never know which ones to actually believe. The public shouldn’t indulge in these stories, the only person who really knows what was happening during this time was Jackson himself and the truth will lies with him.


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