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Who Wants Some More O.J.? May 12, 2013

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Apparently O.J. is playing the blame game when it comes to his 2007 sentencing of selling his sports memorabilia.

According to CNN, O.J. returns to the Las Vegas courtroom to get his bid of robbery and assault thrown out and is asking for a new trail. Simpson accuses his lawyer, Yale Galanter, of having a conflict on interest and failed to have an effective defense. He claims the Galanter gave him bad advice prior to his conviction and that why he lose the case and the fact that his lawyer didn’t put him on the stand to state his own defense. Simpson’s current sentence says he will be up for parole in 2017.

O.J. needs to grow up and start talking more responsibility for his actions and stop blaming others for his mistakes. If he was truly innocent then the jury wouldn’t have convicted in the first place. Celebrities think that they are above the law and should only get a slap on the wrist but that is certainty not what happening here. Honestly I don’t think anyone cares any more about what’s going on in O.J. Simpson’s life and this story is just a cry for attention and no one is giving in to it. Sorry O.J., you are probably going to lose.


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