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Talk About Taking A Bite Out Of Crime! May 12, 2013

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Turns out that the Florida police department might have to add gators to their list of employees. When Florida police pulled over 20-year-old, Bryan Zuniga, who was pulled over because he couldn’t stick to one lane. Before the cops could get to him, he stopped the vehicle and hopped a fence getting away scott free, at least that’s what he thought. A few hours later the police found Zuniga in a hospital where he was being treated for an alligator bite. He was attacked near a water treatment plant near St. Petersburg, once his injuries were treated the police took him into custody and charged with driving without a license and fleeing from the police.

Talk about karma! Who knew that non train animals can be so helpful. In Florida the alligators used to be endangered but now have made a comeback and more populated. This a fun PR story for the state of Florida and shows that having alligators might not always be a bad thing.


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