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Shedd Aquarium May 9, 2013

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After visiting the Shedd Aquarium the first thing that I thought was when can I get my ticket to go! The website seemed very interactive and geared towards children and many fun activities for all ages. Their website was colorful and has something fun to do on every page. The one thing that I found really impressive was that they kept up to date to with all their social networking. They use Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube videos. On their Twitter they are good at responding to anyone who shoots them a question or a comment. Their Flickr is full of pictures of all the animals and the aquarium themselves. Another thing that I thought I was cool that one of the segments the post every month on their YouTube videos is a cooking session for adults, given them ideas how to cook seafood. This aquarium is a great place for children and adults of all ages!




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