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The Cheesiest State May 7, 2013

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Apparently there is more to Wisconsin then the Green Bay Packers, cheese, and cows at least according to their tourism website. The Department of Toursim invites visitors from all over to experience Wisconsin’s natural wonders such as Cave of Mounds, or the Apostle Islands or going on a zip lining adventure. Wisconsin’s travel site seems to marketing themselves to those who enjoy outdoor activities such hiking, fishing, and camping. But they mention that they have great places for food and wine for all the foodies who like to travel around finding the next great eatery. One of their huge summer events that the city of Milwaukee is known for is Summerfest which is a summer music fest where over 700 of the hottest bands perform. For me personally, Summerfest is something I would be interested in learning about more because music concerts are what appeal to me.

On the website they didn’t really have a slogan so I googled Wisconsin’s state motto which is “Forward”. The motto seems kind of vague and maybe its time for a more exciting slogan that might draw visitors into the State. Overall in general I think that Wisconsin needs to step up their pr game for their tourism, there is nothing on the website that screams “come visit Wisconsin”.


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