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Becoming Aware! May 6, 2013

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So when Liz gave out this assignment I grunted and snarled with everyone else thinking that this was going to take a huge chunk of my time and like everybody else I waited to the last minute to even start this assignment. I was worried that because I waited till the day before the assignment was due that I was going to struggle to complete it but actually there is so many advertisements in your everyday life that I never really took the time to even notice. I would be in class and look around and see five advertisements in the span of just one minute. It wasn’t hard when people are drinking Starbucks, Monster Energy Drinks, using their iPhones, and etc. Also when I follow so many companies on Twitter they are posting constantly with new ads for me to check out.

The messages that I seemed to pay the most attention to were the ones from my Twitter account from companies such as People Magazine, Hot New Hip Hop( music site), MAC Cosmetics, and Starbucks. Each one of them promoting something to make me want to go to their page, website, or store because what they were trying to see to me through their tweets. I paid attention to their messages the most because I use their services frequently and their ads through Twitter always keeps me within the loop of whats new to the company. Sometimes their post can be blah but for most of the time I will click on the link to get more information. Generally I think that the ads that are see are targeted to the general public but once in a while I feel like they just created an ad just for me and understand what my needs are at the time.Since each company is its own category they follow their own trends, whether it is in music, celebrity gossip, or makeup. Ultimately this assignment made me actually pay attention to my surroundings and that everything that I see on a day-to-day bias is just subliminal advertisement.


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