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Swing and Dead May 5, 2013

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On Saturday a soccer referee from Salt Lake City died from internal injuries after being punched by disgruntled player. Ricardo Portillo who issued a teenage player with a yellow card which means the player would be ejected from the game, the player obviously didn’t agree and so the 17-year-old decided to punch Portillo in the face. The authorities only thought Portillo’s injuries were minor but once he was taking to the hospital the doctors discovered that he was suffering from internal injuries which led to a seven day coma and then eventually his passing on Saturday. The teenager has not been named to the public because he is being tried as juvenile. He is being charged with aggravated assault which are expected to be upgraded and the hispanic soccer league that he was playing in has kicked him out.

This incident doesn’t look good for the hispanic soccer league, showing that their players can’t be their aggression under control. Salt Lake City officials might see that this league needs police monitoring to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again and if this happens then parents might start pulling their children for their safety and then the league might dissolve completely.


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