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Missing Mother Returns May 5, 2013

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Brenda Heist, a Pennsylvania mother disappeared from her family home which she shared with her husband, son, and daughter 11 years ago and now has returned. Heist turned herself into police in Key Largo, Florida stating that she left her family due to stress. The last time Heist was seen was in February 2002 after dropping her kids off at school. Apparently Heist was going through a divorce and applying for housing assistance so she could get an apartment and was just feeling so overwhelmed. Now that she is back her family wants nothing to do with her and cannot forgive her for abandoning the family, when all they did was worry and care for her. She spent her first two years homeless on the streets and then spent the rest of her time in a camper with a man she met.

People who just decide and pick up and leave their lives behind, waste available police time and tax dollars. I wish people would just man up and face their problems instead of just disappearing. This incident is not the first, a couple of years ago there was the case of the “kidnapped bride” who really just left on her own because she didn’t want to get married. There needs to be some sort of punishment for when people do this, especially when families spend tons of money to help try to find them. I can’t believe that this woman just picked up and left just because life was getting a little too stressful for her, I’m glad my parents love me enough not to do that.


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