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Limo Fire May 5, 2013

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While driving over the San Fransisco Bridge Saturday night, a limousine carrying nine women burst into flames. Accodring to CNN, five women parished in the fire while four of the other women and the driver survived. The driver and the four surviving women and a couple of bystanders trying helping the five women out of the limo but the flames were too much. The fire is still under investigation but Highway Patrol spokesman Ron Simmons says that after looking at the crime scene photos he believes that the fire started in the trunk. They are still inconclusive if the fire started in the interior or exterior of the vehicle. The medical examiner says the corner’s report will take two days at least to complete.

This incident doesn’t look good for the limousine company because it seems that they are servicing faulty vehicles that might kill their customers. Until the police can determine how the fire started the limousine business is going to be look at for the blame. The next thing for them to do is issue some kind of statement addressing the fire and those who lost their lives and say they are doing anything to help with the investigation.


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