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Famous People Need Love Too! May 5, 2013

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Many people have now resorted to online dating when it comes to looking for love and now even well-known celebrities like Martha Stewart have joined the bandwagon.

Martha Stewart has decided to join the dating website,, and asking her fans for a little help on her profile. On her magazine fan page she asked her fans to vote between two which pictures to determine which one is going to be on her profile. In an interview with Today’s Matt Lauer she explained that she did have a longtime boyfriend that just wasn’t working anymore and she wants to find love. When Stewart first started filling out her online profile she had to stop midway through because she couldn’t stop laughing at herself.

When reading this story it started to make me think that if someone like Martha Stewart who is one of the most successful people in the world is starting to think about making an online dating profile to find love, will I be able to find anyone? From a PR stance this looks good for the Match company to have a huge celebrities using their dating services, maybe they can even get endorsement deal out of this situation.


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