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Ethics May 2, 2013

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What is worth more to you, morals or money? As a public relations specialist we are seen as the “conscious” of our clients and are supposed to give them our best advice but at the same time doing what they want us to do. But when you are hired to implement a pr campaign that puts your ethics in question, do you stand up for what is right or just do what the client is paying for?

These questions make me really ponder on what kind of career what to have in the future. On the one hand, when I put my name on a public/national pr campaign I want it to be something that I can feel proud of and not have any regretful feelings and on the other hand I need to remember that until I have my own pr I can’t be to choosy with what kind of jobs I get because this is my profession and I need to make money sometimes. Also to that extent I may be allowed to pass the campaign on a don’t agree with but I don’t think the company would appreciate that.

A prime example where these two lines meet is Carnival Cruise disasters this year. In February the Carnival ship Triumph’s engine room caught on fire leaving the ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico leaving passengers with limited food, water, and disgusting living conditions and all Carnival offered to the customers $50 credit for their next trip with them. If I worked pr for Carnival I don’t know if I could have gone with this plan and be satisfied with the direction the company was going for. I was dumbfounded to hear that was what the cruise line was offering to the passengers after all they endure, as their pr rep I would have told the company to reimburse their full trip and also giving them flyer miles to use to a destination of their choice. I would what the pr person felt after sending out the press release.


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