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Equality in The Boys Scouts of America1 April 20, 2013

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BoyScoutsThe banning of boys from the Boys Scout of America because of their sexual orientation has now been in the works to be lifted as of today, but are still keeping their ban against homosexual adults.

According to CNN, an executive committee will propose the idea to the board members in Dallas, Texas and if approved will be effective as of January 1. The change to the longstanding rule has been in talks for quite sometime, but the issue of having openly gay troop leaders is still out of the question for the organization. In 1992, James Dale, an Eagle Scout and former troop leader sued the scouts for being kicked out just because he was gay. Dale believes that they could go farther with their changes.

I agree with Dale!! If you are going to allow gay boys to be in the scouts then there should be gay troop leaders as well. The boys are not only going need someone to help them identify poisonous plants but also help guide them through their sexuality. People need to realize that being around gay people is not going to make you gay or try to influence you other wise and they are not going to try to turn your children as well. We are all equal in the world and are sexual preference doesn’t make us different people and shouldn’t be treated any differently.

From a Pr stance this shows that Boy Scouts of America are working towards equality but haven’t quite pushed themselves over the hurdle yet. I feel that they are still reserved on the matter and it will actually take their time making this decision. This a conservative organization and I don’t see them changing their values anytime soon. If this policy did come into effect then maybe young gay boys will find an outlet for themselves to feel like they fit in/belonged and the suicide numbers for young children will go down. The Boy Scouts of America just needs to realize that this opportunity is only going to help their credibility and image overall.


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