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Poynter Article April 17, 2013

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Poynter is a school that is dedicated to the excellence of journalism and making sure the public has the skill set to be great journalist within the media. Response to the recent Boston Marathon explosions, Poynter put on their website an article that gives people all the ingredients they will need to put on a good/informative press conference.

The first thing that they pointed out which I thought will be really affective is “clearly telling the public what you know and what you don’t know”. I a lot of the times when a big story hits officials don’t fully state everything about the case in their conversations with the media especially the stuff they don’t know so people start believing everything that they hear, which can make an even bigger problem. During Obama’s press speech he made sure to say that there are things that they don’t know yet and are still figuring out. Being honest is refreshing and people are going to respect him more for not placing blaming without known the facts. This article is very affective and poses many great tips to use for crisis management, especially during this time of need. I will for sure being using this website for future references throughout my PR career.


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