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Complex Crime Scene April 16, 2013

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Yesterday tragedy stuck the people of Boston, when bombs went off at the end of a Marathon race, many people were injured and others were killed. This morning Boston’s top police officials say that the bombing of the Boston Marathon is the most “complex crime scene” in the history of their department.

CNN reported that on Monday investigators put up a 12-block crime scene and was going through witness. Special Agent Richard DesLauries of the Boston FBI field office vows to go to the end of the earths to find the person or people who created this travesty. Authorities said that there is no immediate threat after the bombing and our asking the public to submit and cell phone images that will help them narrow their suspects. Investigators say that there is no motive for the bombings and have no surveillance video that could help them choose a suspect. As of now authorities are in the dark as to who could have done this.

It blows my mind that there can be so much in evil in the world and this act of terror just appeared out of no where. Why now? Why Boston? The unsettling thing about the bombings in Boston is that they have no idea who could have done this and that means they are still out there and could be planning more bombings and who knows where. I think the media is over sharing the crime scene, I understand they want to inform people what happened but showing mass amounts of blood and bloody people seems a little bit too much. Even on CNN’s website the photos they have for slides of are off-putting and make me cringe every time I see them. I think the news should dial it back it on the goreyness of the scene.


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