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Full of Yourself Much?! April 14, 2013

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While on his European tour, Justin Bieber stopped by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and left a very self assuring message in the guest book.

According to CNN, Bieber left this message in the book “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber,”. When asked to comment on the message, Bieber’s representatives didn’t respond right away. Many of his fans took to the Anne Frank’s Facebook page and made their views known on the matter and they weren’t all positive reactions.

After I read the message Bieber left, I automatically had to roll my eyes and let out a big sigh. He just sounds so into himself in that message and it makes him look like a huge douche, no wonder why Selena broke up with. This comment makes Justin look like he is the greatest thing on earth and not humble at all.

From a PR stance I think Bieber needs to comment on the story and apologize to the world for being so arrogant and show that he doesn’t have that big of an ego, because I’m sure he will lose fans from being too into himself .


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