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Reform the Catholic Church? April 13, 2013

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The Vatican reported on Saturday that Pope Francis has created a committee of eight cardinals to look into ways of reforming the Catholic Church.

According to CNN, the cardinals will examine ways to revise the Vatican constitution, which are the rules for the church. The eight cardinals are being assembled from North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe; they will be meeting in October to start this revision. This reformed has been in talks ever since the scandals of sexual abuse by the priest and corruption of the church. The committee of cardinals were put together just a month after Pope Francis was elected.

As a catholic myself, I think the Catholic Church is in need of some revisement. They have been following the same rules ever since the Catholic Church was created and with changing times/ way of life, the church should update their rules as well. For the die-hard catholics that reside in Europe, they might not be so understanding of these new set of rules that they are going to come up with. The Catholic Church is part of their families traditions for generations and generations and I’m sure they are not going to want the church to change now.

From a PR stance the Catholic Church are going to have to slowly introduce the new reform constitution to the world, this particular matter because some people are going to express their opinions on the changing of the Catholic Church. Religion is a delicate matter especially in Europe and Latin countries.


One Response to “Reform the Catholic Church?”

  1. ablepr Says:

    I think Pope Francis made a good decision in beginning to reform the church. They have had a lot of bad press over the years and think this movement will put them in a more positive light. It is giving them better publicity in the news and will be for the best in the long run.

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