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Morgan Middle School Reading Program Works! April 12, 2013

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During the Ellensburg School Board’s regular meeting, students from Morgan Middle School came to share their new-found reading skills courtesy of Morgan Middle School’s new reading 180 program.

According to the Daily Reocord Newspaper, for five years now Morgan Middle School has been using the 180 program that was developed by the Scholastic educational publishing company and have seen great success come out of the program. School board member, Pat Gigstead made it known that the students have logged a combined 33 years of reading improvement in the Reading 180 program in the last two years. This program is getting rave reviews from both teachers and parents. Two students that were part of the reading program have succeed the reading expectations for their grade and were able to get out of the special education program.

This story provides great PR for the Ellensburg school district. They are showing that they care about their student’s individual needs and found a solution for their problem. Parents notice these types of things when they are looking for school to enroll their children into and now Morgan Middle School will be on top of their list. The school truly follows the No Child Left Behind Act and are going to continue helping the development of their students.


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