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A Tornado is a Brewin’! Nationwide News April 11, 2013

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Today in a mighty storm passed through Mississippi, as well as tornado the resulted in a death. Officials warn that there was more destruction and the storm was continuing east.

According to CNN, Emgerency officials in Kemper County, Mississippi which is on the border of Alabama confirmed that one person was dead and several more were injured. The tornado was extremely violent and dangerous creating high winds down Highway 493. There were tornado warnings for Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle, but they were expecting it to hit Mississippi. Now that it is springtime, these areas usually receive these types of storms and this is not predicted to be the last. Many homes and business were damaged, along with a town of 500 people reporting many people injured.

The state of Mississippi is going to need a lot of help from neighboring states to come back from this destruction. Many families have lost their homes and are going to have to start all over again, this is the time where the American Red Cross should start reaching how to the state and creating a campaign asking for other support in their efforts to help these people; by donating time, money, clothing, and supplies. These are the times where all Americans should come forth and help out their fellow-man.


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