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Washington States Sues Florist April 10, 2013

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Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has filed suit against an Eastern Washington florist because she refused to provide floral arrangements for a gay couple’s wedding.

According to the Seattle Times, the attorney general filed the suit in Benson County Superior Court against the Richland florist who refuse the longtime gay customers their request because of her opposing religious views. The florist, Barronelle Stutzman, was given the suit after the attorney general asked her to change her mind and cooperate with the new anti-discrimination laws. Stutzman’s lawyer commented on the suit stated that his client has many gay clients and not against people gay, just that she opposes gay marriage. The state is asking for $2,000 in penalties and a permanent injunction making Stutzman follow all state laws.

Our world is progressing forward with everyday, new ideas are arising and the old world thinking is slowly leaving the ways of society, but there is some people who are stuck in their ways. This story proves that, where kids are now growing up knowing that being homosexual acceptable, those from an older generation still believe that it is wrong. I think that it is awesome that Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, decided to step up and take action against this women especially now that gay marriage is legalized. This suit shows that Washington State fully supports all relationships and tends to make sure everyone rights are fully kept. The suit also puts into question, a store owners refusal to serve anyone. They have that right too. The line between rights and discrimination is almost blurred. If every store owner refused to provide service for someone should they be in fear of a potential law suit?


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