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Family on the Lam Finally Captured! – Internaitonal Post April 9, 2013

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After a year of being on the lam for a whole year for kidnapping their own children, couple Josh and Sharyn Hakken in a small boat docked at the Hemingway Marina in Havana, Cuba.

According to CNN, Josh and Sharyn were deemed unfit parents in Louisiana and so their two boys, 2-year-old Chase, and 4-year-old Cole from their grandparents house in Florida. The couple lost their rights as parents in April 2 of last year. There had been an international manhunt for this family since the boys have been taken. Cuban officals announced on Tuesday that they were planning on turning the couple to the U.S. government. The Florida police department described Josh Hakken as anti-government prostester and his believed to be armed. A woman matching the description of the mother said that the boys are alright and the family is now being sent back to the U.S.. The sheriff’s office in Hillsborough County, Florida, said that the Cuban government has been very copoperative with this case.

When reading that Cuba was very cooperative in this case was good PR for the country becuase most of the time when you hear about the government its not always nice thing. Having both countires working together shows that Cuba cares about other interests other than theres, even though Cuba is still on United States list of countries that support terrorism. Maybe from this Cuba will become more coopertative with sending back American fugitives in the future and then from there the U.S. and Cuba can work on building a better relationship.


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