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Nordstrom’s Twitter Service April 8, 2013

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For my twitter assignment I decided to look at Nordstrom’s twitter to see how they interact with their customers. Nordstrom does a great job with their tweets, keep their followers up to date with the latest brands and trends that are in their store or in the fashion world. Just today, Nordstrom made a tweet about maxi dresses and one their followers replied to the tweet and Nordstrom responded to her leading into a longer conversation. They post their customer service number, headquarter location, website, and their social media team on their bio box. I have noticed that on other company twitters they don’t show their customer service numbers. Being from Washington is really cool to see the Nordstrom company that was born in Seattle do so well. They are a great company that is known for their great products and customer service, so I am not surprised that their twitter isn’t any different. Having three people working on their twitter makes more efficient to get multiple tweets and faster responses to customers was a smart idea.


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