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Gone at 25! April 7, 2013

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On Saturday, young Foregin Service member, Anne Smedinghoff, was killed in Afghanistan while delivering books to a school when a suicide bomber hit their convoy.

According to CNN, Anne Smedinghoff joined the Foregin Service three years ago after she graduated from John Hopkins University. Her Convoy was struck in Zabul province in southern Afghanistan. Smedinghoff loved working with the Afghan people and really wanted to make a difference.

Smedinghoff is to believed the first U.S. diplomat to be killed since the attack in Benghazi,Libya back in September. Senator John Kerry comments about her death saying that it is a reminder of the risks and importance of change that they are pushing for in that country. Senator Kerry happened to meet Smedinghoff two weeks ago when he visited Afghanistan and was emotional when he talked about her death. Her parents mentioned that when they had last spoke to her she was excited with all the work she was doing.

It is sad to read about such a young person dying while they are trying to help those less fortunate. I don’t think that Smedinghoff’s death is going to stop others from joining the peace crop or Foregin Services, it might even inspire people to join. It has been years since the U.S. have been in Afghanistan working on making their country functional without terror. Hopefully someday soon they can become a peaceful country and no more innocent lives will parish.


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