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Mr. President Says What?!! April 6, 2013

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On Thursday President Barrack Obama made a formal apology to California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris, in regards to a comment that some critics might call sexist.

According to CNN, during a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in the bay area, President Obama referred to Harris as “by far the best looking attorney general,”. Even though President Obama talked about how brilliant, dedicated, and how she is a great attorney general, people can’t seem to shake the last part of the compliment. This comment just made people still realize how woman are still constantly being judge on their looks rather than their aptitude. At the same time some people truly believe that this was a sincere apology, and wonder if every compliment a man gives a woman is just going to be flipped as a sexist comment.

I think that people are jumping the gun with the compliment President Obama gave to Attorney General Harris. Reading the whole compliment, Obama did start out with saying how dedicated and smart Harris is as an Attorney General, he knows that there is more to her as person than her attractiveness. If Obama was to only talk about her looks than yes, the comment can be deemed as sexist. People just need to calm down, not every compliment is sexist.

From a PR stance I think President Obama did the best thing and that was to make a public apology because even if Harris didn’t find the compliment to be offensive other woman might have.


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