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NRA is Not Going to be Happy About This …… April 4, 2013

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Today Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, signed a legislation banning more than 100 kinds of weapons and the sales or purchases of high-capacity magazines like the ones used in the Newton shooting.

According to CNN, Connecticut became the third stage to pass a legislation with these tough conditions. Colorado and New York are the other two states that made a firm stance on gun-control and limitation of magazine. This action taken by Connecticut is sending a message to the nation that they are taken control on the issue of gun violence and are determine not to have another incident like the one at Newton.

Even though the new legislation doesn’t affect those who already high-capacity magazines, a gun-control advocacy group praised the state as “historic”. At the same time, others criticizes the new legislation believing that it won’t stop people like Adam Lanza(Sandy Hook Shooter) from acquiring weapons and high-capacity magazines.

I think that this new legislation is a great step to lowering numbers of shootings at schools, within gangs, and etc. At the same time I can see the point of the critics because just think about how many people out there actually own a gun that’s not registered or know to get ahold of their parents. Having laws on gun-control are always necessary but what good do they really do, when people can get them without filling out a background check.

From a PR stance this makes the state of Connecticut look good, showing that they still are affected by shooting at the school and are determined more than ever to ensure that this never happens again. Only time will tell if this new law will drop the number of deaths by guns in their state, especially when it doesn’t affect those who already own the kinds of guns that are being banned.


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