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Sorry Coach You’re Out of Here! April 3, 2013

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It was announced today that Rutgers University head basketball coach, Mike Rice was fired after a video of him physically and verbally abusing his players was shown on ESPN broadcasting.

According to CNN, the video which ESPN aired captured Rice yelling offensive language, shoving and throwing basketballs at the players during a practice session between the year 2010 and 2012. This video originally put Rice on a three month suspension, a $75,000 fine, and anger management classes. The Rutgers Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti, regrets giving Rice the suspension saying that it was “too favorable” and that the firing should have occurred in the first place. Rutgers President, Robert L. Barchi, agreed to Rice suspension last year and that was without seeing the practice video. Upon seeing the video, Barchi commented saying that the video showed disturbing behavior.

Rice made this comment about his behavior on the video, “there’s no explanation for what’s on those videos because there is no excuse for it,”

Before reading this article I watched the video to see what extent the coach would against his players and I was surely shocked. I can’t understand why the Rutgers University President thought that a three month suspension was even a good enough punishment for a professional who acts like that towards students. Obviously Rutgers has only now fired Rice because the video went viral, but they had this tape on file since last year. Makes you wonder why they didn’t just fire him last year, probably to keep this indecent under wraps so they wouldn’t have to draw negative attention their way.

From a PR stance this video isn’t going do well for Rutgers athletic department. Even though the school has now fired the coach, potential recruits will still wondering if they had a coach working for them that long, what will all their other coaches be like and soon after the sports programs might tank and not be seen for their sports programs like they always have.

Practice Session Video:


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