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SVU Heads to Brazil! April 2, 2013

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A female tourist, who happened to be a U.S. citizen was kidnapped, rapped, and robbed in a minibus in Rio de Janeiro, as well as a male foreign tourist was held against his will and was robbed. The U.S. Consulate is in contact with woman and is proving here with all right care and has also been in contact with the victim’s family and is providing with all the resources she needs. The mini bus was parked by the Copacabana beach district in Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, forcing people in to the minibus. Two out of the three men have been captured due to the fact that they used the woman’s credit cards in many different locations around Rio. The men were also identified by a Brazilian woman who was raped early in the week. Rio police are stormy through the slums trying to seize all the gangs and control violence.

This crisis could not have come at more pivotal time for Brazil, who will be hosting the 2014 World cup, 2016 Summer Olympics, and a visit from the new pope, Pope Francis, who will be estimating millions to celebrate World Day of Youth with him. The incident doesn’t comfort tourist to want to travel to Brazil, especially U.S. citizens because they might feel they are the ones being targeted. The Brazilian government are going to have to ensure foreigners that they can still come to their country and feel safe, especially with these big events coming up in their country, they will being counting on the touristic income.


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