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Gay Athletes are Not a Distraction April 1, 2013

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When NFL players are signed to a team they are told from the get go, “don’t be a distraction”, “sacrafice your personal goals to win”, because if a player is found as a big enough distraction then they are often let go from the team. So in turn, many players who are gay, keep it from their team mates to secure their spot on the team. Not every player thinks this way, Minnesota Vikings punter, Chirs Kluwe is working as an ambassador for Athlete Ally an organization that wants to end homophobia in sports. There is no open gay athlete in any of the major sports affiliates. When talking to Anderson Cooper, Kluwe thought it was ridiculous that tax paying americans don’t feel comfortable enough to be openly gay, and he believes that if a player came forward that player would recieve support from their team, but there is no denying that that some other players and fans that will eventually come around.

Having an players serving as ambassadors to end gay disrcimination in sports is a great PR move for the professional sport leagues becausen around this time same sex marriage has now been legalized. Showing support during these ever changining times shows the public that we are moving forward as society in the way we think and act towards each other. With having players wanting to help gay players feel comfortable enough to come out publicly is going to start a movement. Everyone should be able to be themselves even those who are in the public eye because they have right, that is one of the bases America is built on. I hope that knowning that they are players who are not opposed to having gay team mates, then gay players will start to come out.


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