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Operation Rhino March 31, 2013

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Five South African soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash Saturday night in Kruger National Park, while on a combat mission to stop the poaching of rhinos. This mission was called Operation Rhino, poaching of rhino horns has become a huge problem in South Africa. There are about 25,000 rhinos in the world and 21,000 of them reside in South Africa. An investigation is under way to determine the cause of the crash. There is a believe that rhino horns can cure cancer and some people will pay top dollar for them, especially people from southeast Asia. To put a stop to rhino poaching the South African government has cracked down on illgeal trade and has teamed up with coutries that recieve illgeal rhino horns. Just last week South Africa and China signed an agreement to work together to stop poaching.

From a PR view the South African government has already sprung into action to combat this crtical problem. President Jacob Zuma has his extend his codolences to the families of the soldiers. Pulling resources from the help of other countries will help ensure the poaching of rhions will become lower in numbers. The only problem witht this is that if people are willing to pay for it then poaching is still going to be a around.


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